Systems Services

Build and manage highly efficient infrastructure to respond to change and drive innovation

        Advancements such as cloud, social, mobile and analytics are placing greater demands on your IT infrastructure. But hardware-centric, inefficient infrastructures struggle to support market shifts. Systems Services from NewIIT helps you integrate traditional systems and new architectures—like cloud—into a dynamic, open-standards-based infrastructure. We help create a software-defined environment that uses patterns of expertise to automatically anticipate and deploy infrastructure resources based on workload needs. We offer a flexible approach that can address your needs at any point in your service optimization journey.


UNIX on IBM Power Systems
IBM AIX: The future of UNIX
The AIX® operating system (OS) is an open standards-based, UNIX® operating system that allows you to run the applications you want, on the hardware you want—IBM UNIX OS-based servers. More and more businesses are choosing the AIX operating system (OS) running on IBM Power Systems. AIX exploits decades of IBM technology innovation and is designed to provide the highest level of performance, security and reliability of any UNIX operating system.
Key benefits of IBM AIX on IBM Power
• Unmatched performance
• Virtualisation
• Security
• Simple migration
• Workload optimisation
• Broad application support


PowerHA for AIX® is the new name for HACMP (High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing). HACMP is an application that makes system fault resilient and reduces downtime of applications. This article introduces PowerHA and provides a detailed explanation of how to configure a two node cluster. Considering the demand for this configuration from various customers, this document is very useful for understanding PowerHA and setting up a two node cluster.

In today's increasing business demands, critical applications need to be available all the time, and the system needs to be fault tolerant. But these fault tolerant systems always come with a heavy cost. Hence, there is need of an application which provides these facilities and is also cost effective.